Trainspotting Feminism and Religion

Trainspotting, Feminism and Religion

Perret presents his one-man-show for the Edinburgh Fringe 2007, with poetry, songs and story-telling about the three subjects guaranteed to make everyone's eyes glaze over. See people you previously considered friends visibly pale and try to avoid you, the minute you enthusiastically espouse Trainspotting, Feminism or Religion.

Perret discovers the delights of feminism (as a man) and religion (as a non-believer). He does like trains but is ridiculed in the "rail enthusiast" fraternity for his inability to spot numbers.


A musical comedy from Perret & Limb.

A mini-version was previewed in 5065 lift at Edinburgh 2003 to great acclaim, selling out its tiny venue, almost leading to a lift orgy, definitely leading to one audience member wetting herself with laughter in the unpleasantly confined space, and culminating in the entire audience dancing a conga across the Pleasance Courtyard.



The following comments were completed by audience members and deposited at the venue:

  • Very entertaining. Light excellent humour. Best £3.50 I've ever spent ****** - Ross Spackman, Bristol
  • Very funny from start to end. Brilliant interaction, intimate venue! - Lisa Crosbie, Essex
  • Very uplifting! Laugh-a-floor! Elevation to a funny station! Great songs! Very funny. Best seen yet! - Alison Hewitt, Edinburgh
  • Brilliant! Best show we've seen all day! - Anon
  • Excellent - and original. Enjoyed very much! 5/5 - J Turps, Edinburgh
  • Very heart felt and original + funny wish all the luck in the world. Well done ***** - Sandy Lawson, Doncaster
  • Excellent, small space, but everybody laughed, size doesn't matter, laughter counts. Well done - M Connolly, Polworth, Edinburgh
  • Fab - was bloody funny - Emma Chalmers, Edinburgh
  • Brilliant - intimate, funny, surprising + just what the fringe should be - Jennie Coles, London
  • Lovely - star rating 'Bruce Willis' - Anon
  • The best thing £3.50 can buy. Superb ****** - Chris Sanderson, Jersey
  • Left you wanting more - Jane, Jersey
  • Pucker up - J, Edinburgh
  • A lovely end to the day + something to remember $8s - Clover Hudson, Doncaster
  • Loving your work!! Too many looks spoil the broth, so that was just right! ***** - Russell Morton, Doncaster
  • Highly witty, refeshed, relaxing, psychedelic - C Moberly, Camden
  • Excellent, really funny, good songs, well delivered 4*s - Anon
  • Absolutely brilliant! I nearly died! full marks! - M True, Edinburgh
  • Lifted the spirits - Ellie, Kirkcaldy
  • Fab! Was bloody funny - Emma Chalmers, Edinburgh
  • Really Funny ***** - Stuart Taylor, Penicuik
  • Very entertaining I want to go to the 4th floor!!! - Richard, London