Matthew and Jeremy met in a pizzeria while they were at The Queen's College, Oxford. Matthew, being at the time both thin, and a vegetarian, ordered a Thin Vegetarian. Jeremy ordered a Thick American. They have been writing and performing together since then, but have yet to produce anything that lives up to the promise of that early banter.

Matthew is no longer thin or a vegetarian, although he performed one-man-show I Am Left-Handed And Would Like To Sing A Song at the Edinburgh Fringe 1990, whilst still a "charming... and slim" (Scotsman) student. Jeremy has never been American.

Together they performed one of the first student shows at The Old Fire Station, Oxford, in 1991 (The Failed Sculptor, Matthew's verse and songs, and Jeremy's monologues).

After Oxford, Jeremy went to study piano at the Royal College of Music, while Matthew began work as an interpreter for the EU in Brussels. They stayed in touch, and later took Music In My Mouth to the Edinburgh Fringe 1997 (C venues), as A Perret and A Well-Oiled Limb, a musical double-act.

In 1998 they wrote and first performed Play Wisty For Me, a critical and commercial success, which they continued to perform through 1999, in London and Edinburgh.

In 2000 they took Space Boy to Edinburgh, which seemed a great idea at the time (crap compere befriends alien entertainer) but involved forcing the audience to drink a disgusting warm Zero Gravity drink with lumps in. This led to at least one death.

In 2000 they also created The Gonzo 'Dog Do' Bar Band for a one-off performance in the Pleasance Cabaret Bar, which has continued with a few changes in line-up ever since, playing in London, at various festivals and regional venues, and at the Edinburgh Fringe.

In 2002 Play Wisty For Me was revived in a new version (following Dudley Moore's death) for the Melbourne Comedy Festival, sell-out Edinburgh Fringe 2002, and UK tour March-July 2003. The tour continues with occasional dates.

In 2002 Perret and Limb also performed Bagpuss stories in Edinburgh as a benefit for a Romanian children's charity.

In 2003 they tried out material in the 5065 lift in the Pleasance Courtyard, for new show Gimmusakiss! and Matthew read his children's story The Smelly Family.

In recent years they have worked on other projects, such as The Trap Sodcast and National Network for Interpreting as well as reforming the Gonzos for Alan Moore's wedding.

Thanks for reading this far, here's Brian Cant singing about a harem:

They are currently developing a radio sitcom entitled Perret Against The World, and a play set in 1830 which will almost certainly involve corsets.